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Highlights of Project Experience.


1.  Part of a team that developed a reticle inspection tool that provides in situ detection of particle contaminants on an  Extreme Ultraviolet [EUV] reticle.  The major challenges were the tight requirements for particle detection that had to be executed in a short period of time. 

2.  Lead Architect for a detection tool that uses a novel technique to measure the placement of a reticle surface within an Extreme Ultraviolet Lithographic tool.  

3.  Part of a project that designed and built production units of a Surface Plasmon Resonance  instruments capable of measuring protein binding statistics of 400 samples on a single square inch at the same time. Responsible for software as well a prototyping the optical, mechanical, and fluidic systems.  

4.  Leader of a team that designed and built Phase Fluorometer instruments to measure lifetimes of biological probes and specimens. These instruments used a heterodyning technique to measure lifetimes accurately to less than 20 picoseconds.  Configuration of these instruments includes;

4.1  A benchtop unit used by biologist researchers.

4.2  A portable unit for NOAA with elliptical optics for measuring lifetimes of Phytoplankton. This unit was mounted  with other instruments and dropped off the side of an Ocean Research Ship.

4.3  A unit for NASA capable of measuring lifetimes on microscopes slides that was designed for use on the Space Station and a fiberoptic units for microtiter plates.  

5.  Prototyped and built a Fiber Optic Raman probe utilizing a Quartz Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter [AOTF] and Photomultiplier Tube [PMT] as the spectrometer.  This allow rapid scanning in key spectral bands for biological analysis.

6.  Prototyped and built the components for the optical portion of an Automated Fluorescent Imaging microscope. The system consisted of a visible Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter [AOTF], long working distance objective and either an Intensified camera or TE Cooled CCD camera depending on the application.

7.  Researched the development of Tunable Photorefractive Holographic filters. In Phase I, Four Wave Mixing was used to investigate the possibilities of a tunable holographic notch filter and in Phase II, Two Beam Coupling was used to develop a tunable coherent-incoherent filter. Work on this project was done in conjunction with the University of Rochester.

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