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Highlights of Software Experience.


1.  Develop Matlab software for the optimization of lithographic equipment. Part of a team that writes extensive Matlab software for metrology, alignment, calibration, analysis, and data science. Products have tolerances to 0.1 nanometers . To achieve this level of precision, complex techniques in analysis have to be developed.  

2.  Architected a LabVIEW software program to control all aspects of a complex Production Test Stand used to build, trouble shoot and analyze the performance of a Semiconductor Wafer Alignment Sensor currently used in Lithographic tools. Software was architected so that scripts could be queued up to capture data, analyze the data and create reports. System included a large rack full of data acquisition boards, multiple image acquisition systems, motion control, light sources and metrology tools.

3.  System engineering and software development to create an instrument used to evaluate novel Spatial Light Modulators [SLM] with micron size mirrors intended for use in an Optical Maskless Lithographic tool. This instrument was used to calibrate and measure the performance of SLMs submitted to the client for evaluation.

4.  Developed software for a High Throughput Surface Plasmon Resonance instrument capable of measuring the binding kinetics of 400 protein samples at the same time for a startup company.

5.  Developed software for multiple configurations of a Phase Fluorometer used to measure the Fluorescence Lifetimes of biological samples.  Program interacted to microprocessor and other submodules to orchestrate these lifetime measurements for biological analysis.

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