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1.  'Coherent filtering in fluorescence microscopy utilizing photorefractive BaTiO3crystal'. Robert Kersten, Dr. S. Fernandez, Dr. G Fisher and Dr. B. Boyd.  Poster presented at the OSA conference in Boston, April 29-30, 1996.

2. Phase I SBIR proposal on 'Tunable holographic filter using photorefractive Barium Titinate'. Dr. S. Fernandez and Robert Kersten [Awarded].

3. Phase I SBIR proposal on 'OPO Laser Spectrometer.

4. Phase II SBIR proposal on 'Tunable Holographic Filter'. Robert Kersten and Dr. S. Ferandez [Awarded].

5. Phase I SBIR proposal on 'Spectrally Agile Laser Tracker'. Robert Kersten.

6.  Phase II SBIR proposal 'Imaging Raman Microscope'. Dr. S. Fernandez and Robert Kersten.


1. Phase Fluorometry Instrument for fluorophore lifetime measurements.

2. Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrument for protein to protein binding.

3. Using Artificial Intelligence for artifact detection in images.

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